Thursday, December 17, 2015

Teens Inspired

I created a piece that was inspired by a painting in the NC Museum of Art.  I took the element of silhouettes of people and altered it to the silhouette of a landscape.  My painting is based off of a picture I took at a youth retreat as the sun was setting.  No picture or painting could do justice to how beautiful the sky was, but I attempted.  I chose this long canvas to give it more of a panorama feel and to try out a different kind of layout.  It was hard to get the colors to look how I wanted them to and to make the orange water look natural because it was a reflection.

Merry Christmas to All!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

That's a Punny story...;)

This is a family friendly movie about a doe devoted to his basketball team and his family. But this is no ordinary doe...this is a WINDOE! Part doe, part window, Windoe strives to show the world his true colors by being himself and being the best he can be! Because he looked different than his friends, all of the other deer/does/fawn/elk (you name it!) made fun of him and never let him join in any doe games. Luckily for little Windoe, and kind farmer came along and asked him to join the town basketball team. After discovering his skills, passion, and love of the game, Windoe became the star player! Then everyone loved him and honored him with a movie based on his story. Bring your family, friends, and folks of all ages to see the transformation take place from outcast to extraordinary! A sure favorite, come see Windoe and his friends in theaters near you this summer!

See it in 3D

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fancy Snowflakes

For this project, we had to incorporate print making into communicating something we never said.  I decided to make a collection of prints using various snowflakes I made.  These weren't just plain old kindergarten snowflakes, but I put in a lot of effort trying to make them intricate and complex.  Also, out of the four I made, none of them are the same.  This is how it related to the prompt-- I never said I was the same as anyone else, trying to fit in and go with the crowd.  It's important to be yourself and be proud of that.  By combining the different types of snowflakes and the different methods of printing (normal, ghost prints, the print of a print of a print...), I made a piece that is very unique and is made of different individual aspects.  I even connected everything by putting the actual snowflakes on top to provide unity to the piece.  I enjoyed using the purple and blue because I think these colors kept it festive, made it so you could tell it was snowflakes, and they worked well together.


  • What tools do you use to create art?  How do these tools help you in creation of these pieces?
I computer art, I use the photoshop program a lot to morph and manipulate images.  This program has the tools to allow for changing the photographs to look the way you want.  I also use paint and nontraditional materials to create non-digital art.  Depending on what medium you choose, you can achieve different effects and outcomes.  I like using different tools to switch it up, keep it fresh, and add pizazz.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fleece Navidad

Adventures at the NC Art Museum

My favorite painting was The Cliff, Ętretat, Sunset by Monet. I really liked the cool colors and the brush strokes in the water. It was very calming and it made me want to row a boat in that water.

This Corn Harvest painting was one that I didn't like at first. The super dull colors just threw me off and the shape of the broccoli trees was just unsettling. After looking at if for a long time, I decided the river and horse were nice and I grew to like it.

Milton Avery's Blue Landscape was my least favorite. It looked like a fifth grader did it. I didn't like the swervy lines and rocks because they weren't very realistic.  I think the artist could've put more time and effort into his piece.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Disney: 3D

For this project, we used the website Tinkercad to design something to print with a 3D printer. I decided to make a replica of Minnie Mouse! This was a cool experience because I got to see how 3D printers really work. Tinkercad was difficult to navigate, but after a lot of practice and tutorials I finally got the hang of it. I used available shapes like spheres and butterflies to get the right look. I had to create holes on the back so that the piece would print on a flat back. This way, the design would have something to adhere to and not sink down. I'm glad I got to see how these machines work because they are a new developing technology that we will definitely see more of in the future.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Squeaky Clean

For this project, we were required to use nontraditional art materials.  I decided to use rubber bands because I had a large 1/2 pound bag of them at home.  After thinking through some ideas, I decided to make a rubber duck out of rubber bands.  (Cute right?)  I used the idea of twilling to curl rubber bands of different colors and sizes into small swirls.  I glued these down until they formed the shape of a duck.  This was a struggle because the rubber bands were very hard to work with, especially the thin ones.  I quickly ran out of usable ones and had to find more.  After weeks of endless glue gun burns and frustration, I finally finished the duck.  For the background, I decided that since it was a rubber duck, he needed a bubble bath.  I covered up the duck and blew bubbles mixed with food coloring to create colorful bubbles.  I had to experiment with this effect to figure out the best way to get an actual bubble shape, not just splatters from the bubbles popping.  This turned out to be a mess, but I finally decided to cut out some of the best bubbles and glue them to my background as well to create a layering affect.  If I could do anything different, I would've not chosen rubber bands (because I do not like them anymore) and I would've tried to find a way to make the glue less visible on the final product.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Playing with Proportions

For this project, I morphed Emma Stone to look like Kim Possible because she has red hair also.  I rounded her face,  volumized her hair, rounded and enlarged her eyes, straightened out her smile, minimized her ear, and gave her a turtleneck.  I wish that the liquify tool didn't add as much distortion and blurriness as it did, but I like the exaggerated proportions.  I don't feel pressured by society to appear a certain way because I'd rather be myself.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pink Pig: Parts of a Whole

For this project, I created a pig by combining different objects to form the proper shape.  I began by choosing to make a pig, and I decided to fill it with things that are pink.  After creating this collage by warping, resizing, and adjusting the hue of these images, I created a whole picture out of many tiny ones.  I added in the purple to pink gradient for the background because it enhanced the pig and added fluidity.  My favorite part is the face!  It was a little difficult to get the collage of images to look like one animal, but I think changing it so they were all around the same value of pink helped.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Altered portraits

This is an altered portrait I created in photoshop.  I used black line brush to erase the picture, but with combined masks the picture actually appeared. This was not my favorite assignment, but I did like the picture better with a black background.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Translucent: Shimmering Slippers

For this project, I used a Cinderella theme to create a collage of iconic pictures. I lowered the opacity on the background images so that the main image, the glass slipper, would be emphasized. This shoe in its nature is translucent, letting light and shapes show through but not specific details. I also utilized different brushes to pull everything together cohesively.


For this project, I exhibited postmodern principles by creating a hybrid of text art, juxtaposition, and artists steal. But mainly hybridity and text art, this giraffe has the letters in "giraffe" as its spots. I used oil pastels and a graffiti style font to create new spots. I enjoyed this project because it wasn't too difficult but it still required a lot of planning, experimenting, and creativity.

Friday, October 23, 2015

We are Santa's Elves

For this project, I made edible architecture.  I decided to make little elf houses!  They were originally supposed to be in a wintery North Pole environment, but I decided instead to give them summer homes!  The houses themselves are red exotic fruits, and the shrubery is kale.  I also added in windows, flower window boxes, pathways, doors, and a mailbox to make it more realistic. I love how the doors and windows look like they could really be a part of the fruit and they unify the piece so that it looks sort of like real houses! I am really excited for the elves to move in next spring, and there is also a nearby neighborhood for the rest of the elf population.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Non Traditional Art Materials

This article discussed the use of non-traditional materials to make art projects. It posed the idea that buying from art supply stores is not as creative as picking out more unique items. In a way, I can see how using your imagination to utilize various things could produce more thoughtful and wild projects, but I also understand that you can be creative using paint and pencils as well. It's all a matter of how much thought you put into something and how you use whatever medium you decide on.  It is a good idea to experiment with different materials to switch it up and add pizzazz.

Here are some fun examples...
A portrait using vegetables

 The pitchfork painting using balloons

 Fish made out of water bottles
 Dolphins made out of driftwood
A flag made out of lace

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cinemagraphs: Always on the Move

I created a cinemagraph/gif of myself jumping.  I thought that it would be cool to use the shadow in a way that manipulates it.  This was sort of difficult because of the confusing directions and the large number of frames I had to work with.  It was a struggle to erase just enough of the picture so that only the shadow was moving and the feet wouldn't look weird.  I had to start over because I couldn't reverse the frames properly for a while.  I am satisfied with how it turned out, but I wish there was a way to make it move faster (I put it on the fastest option of "No Delay," but if you could use a negative speed I would have).  This was really cool and I am excited to make more in the future!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mix Tape Mania

For this project, I created a mix tape to mimic the sleeve/cover of an actual tape.  I thought that I'd take it back to the days when kids actually knew what these were.  I examined several different examples of old tape sleeves and started to create my own.  Perfecting the measurements to make sure that each section was the proper size when it came to folding it was a challenge.  After I figured out the size and portioned off the different sections, I tried to use common images and labels found on a tape such as the bar code, the dolby digital reference, the title, the publishing company, and a warning.  It was really fun to come up with exciting song names as well.

A Dazzling Day in Disney World!

For this project, Ambika, Emmaly and I put our newimals together to create a fun story.  Our beloved otter goat (gotter) and deer lion (leer) have just gotten married in their dream location...Disney World!  After a beautiful ceremony in the ballroom of the Cinderella Castle, the newlyweds and their guests have retreated downstairs to the castle's dining room for the reception.  A friendly seal owl (sowl) takes their order of celebratory Cream of Cookies Soup with a dessert of Ice Cream Cookie Dough.  This was a very fun and creative project and I enjoyed taking these animals out of their comfort zone!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Olivia Gude Response

Olivia Gude describes the use and need for elements and principles of design. What I question is why she says there are "the big seven elements and principles" since there are more than seven. She might list the postmodern principles she thinks are most important, but in class we discussed several alternate ones. If this is the case, how do we know which ones are the most substantial?  I like how she mentioned Dow's idea that the postmodern principles increase our creativity. They give us rules and an outline to follow while still allowing for creative ideas. I also like how she questioned the importance of learning about past and relevant artists. This is important because it cultures is and lets us see what is seen as successful art around the world. I think that by learning about other artists, techniques, and thought processes that we can think more outside the box in order to make something original.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Howdy, Hybrids!

This is my first newimal, the otter goat.  I placed a small brown goat head on an otter.  I selected the layer with the goat head on it and changed the hue and saturation to be more of a duller brown in order to match the otter's fur.

This is my panda cow!  I put a panda head and legs on the cow body.  I changed the hue and saturation to make the blacks match more.

Clone Stamp Practice

Saturday, October 3, 2015

MOOSE on the run

For this project, we came up with a word and created a question around it that we were supposed to try and answer through our art.  I chose "wild," and after a lot of brainstorming, I decided to pose the question, "Can something wild really be contained."  To demonstrate this,  I sculpted a moose out of clay and sent it to the kiln.  While I waited for it to cook, I worked on his platform home.  I used a piece of wood and painted it green and brown like a forest floor.  Then I created a fence to corral my moose by gluing twigs together.  I used spray adhesive to stick little pieces of pinestraw to the bottom as well.  When I got my moose back, I covered it in pinestraw, pinecone, and bark pieces.  Using all of the outdoor elements was my way of keeping the moose wild, but the fence tries to tame him.  Yet I included a gate door so that the moose can be free when he wants to and therefore the wild spirit in him can not be contained.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Apex Logo Contest

This is the logo I created for the town of Apex's contest.  I designed it in Adobe Illustrator.  My inspiration was the train that is so famous that runs parallel to Salem Street in downtown Apex.  I wanted to make it look like the train was coming straight down the tracks, but this proved to be difficult.  The color scheme also posed the issue that I couldn't use normal neutral colors like black, white, and brown to make it look realistic.  I guess you just have to use your imagination and see a railroad, not stairs.  I like the simplicity of the design and the fonts that I chose.  The tote bag is just one example of a product that this logo could go on to advertise for Apex.