Monday, November 30, 2015

Disney: 3D

For this project, we used the website Tinkercad to design something to print with a 3D printer. I decided to make a replica of Minnie Mouse! This was a cool experience because I got to see how 3D printers really work. Tinkercad was difficult to navigate, but after a lot of practice and tutorials I finally got the hang of it. I used available shapes like spheres and butterflies to get the right look. I had to create holes on the back so that the piece would print on a flat back. This way, the design would have something to adhere to and not sink down. I'm glad I got to see how these machines work because they are a new developing technology that we will definitely see more of in the future.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Squeaky Clean

For this project, we were required to use nontraditional art materials.  I decided to use rubber bands because I had a large 1/2 pound bag of them at home.  After thinking through some ideas, I decided to make a rubber duck out of rubber bands.  (Cute right?)  I used the idea of twilling to curl rubber bands of different colors and sizes into small swirls.  I glued these down until they formed the shape of a duck.  This was a struggle because the rubber bands were very hard to work with, especially the thin ones.  I quickly ran out of usable ones and had to find more.  After weeks of endless glue gun burns and frustration, I finally finished the duck.  For the background, I decided that since it was a rubber duck, he needed a bubble bath.  I covered up the duck and blew bubbles mixed with food coloring to create colorful bubbles.  I had to experiment with this effect to figure out the best way to get an actual bubble shape, not just splatters from the bubbles popping.  This turned out to be a mess, but I finally decided to cut out some of the best bubbles and glue them to my background as well to create a layering affect.  If I could do anything different, I would've not chosen rubber bands (because I do not like them anymore) and I would've tried to find a way to make the glue less visible on the final product.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Playing with Proportions

For this project, I morphed Emma Stone to look like Kim Possible because she has red hair also.  I rounded her face,  volumized her hair, rounded and enlarged her eyes, straightened out her smile, minimized her ear, and gave her a turtleneck.  I wish that the liquify tool didn't add as much distortion and blurriness as it did, but I like the exaggerated proportions.  I don't feel pressured by society to appear a certain way because I'd rather be myself.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pink Pig: Parts of a Whole

For this project, I created a pig by combining different objects to form the proper shape.  I began by choosing to make a pig, and I decided to fill it with things that are pink.  After creating this collage by warping, resizing, and adjusting the hue of these images, I created a whole picture out of many tiny ones.  I added in the purple to pink gradient for the background because it enhanced the pig and added fluidity.  My favorite part is the face!  It was a little difficult to get the collage of images to look like one animal, but I think changing it so they were all around the same value of pink helped.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Altered portraits

This is an altered portrait I created in photoshop.  I used black line brush to erase the picture, but with combined masks the picture actually appeared. This was not my favorite assignment, but I did like the picture better with a black background.