Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spray Painting Pizzazz

     For this project, we spray painted a picture of an expressive face. I chose a picture of my dog, Chloe. First, we put the picture into photoshop in the cut out setting and changed the color scheme. We then printed the picture, projected it on paper, traced each color, and cut it out. After that, we spray painted each color on painted cardboard with the different stencils. This was a very exciting project because I have never used spray paint before. Because of this, I was excited to try it out. When I started with my first color, pink, I found the spray painting very difficult. This was due to the very tiny amount of paint in the can because the pink was running low. I didn't want to get behind, so I jumped at the chance to spray paint. But I struggled because I had to hold down the nozzle really hard and shake the can the whole time I sprayed. Unfortunately, some spots were sprayed that later dried fine. Luckily, with my other colors I had a much easier time. It was really cool to spray paint for the first time! I enjoyed it once I got full spray cans, and I'm glad that I could expand my knowledge of different types of paint. Another thing I had to have during this project was patience.  Each step took a lot of time, and to make the end product look good, I had to go slowly and make sure I was doing everything right.  I thought this was a really interesting project, and I've never done anything like it! I think my project was a success when I finally finished because I like how the colors were really solid and bright!  If I had to change anything, I would probably pick more colors and do a human face.  Other classmate's projects look really neat, and I think it would've been cooler if I used more colors and had more of a background spray painted as well.  Overall, this was a super cool project, and though tedious at times, a lot of fun!