Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fancy Snowflakes

For this project, we had to incorporate print making into communicating something we never said.  I decided to make a collection of prints using various snowflakes I made.  These weren't just plain old kindergarten snowflakes, but I put in a lot of effort trying to make them intricate and complex.  Also, out of the four I made, none of them are the same.  This is how it related to the prompt-- I never said I was the same as anyone else, trying to fit in and go with the crowd.  It's important to be yourself and be proud of that.  By combining the different types of snowflakes and the different methods of printing (normal, ghost prints, the print of a print of a print...), I made a piece that is very unique and is made of different individual aspects.  I even connected everything by putting the actual snowflakes on top to provide unity to the piece.  I enjoyed using the purple and blue because I think these colors kept it festive, made it so you could tell it was snowflakes, and they worked well together.

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