Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mixed Media Mash-up

     For this project, we were create an art piece using different materials and amusement as the theme.  I chose to do a swing in my picture because I love swings and they're very amusing and fun for kids.  I used magazine paper, water color, pen, printed pictures of flowers, paperclips, oil pastels, and painted paper in my piece.  I connected the pieces all together by using the pastels to sort of mesh the grass and flowers, and water color on the magazine paper to blend it together a little bit more.  The visual journaling we did was cool, but I didn't use that style in my art.  I enjoyed using the different colors of tissue paper and then made my product very colorful as well.  I had some trouble coming up with ideas that I could execute well, but I kept trying to make the piece look alright.  I think it was cool because I painted the paperclips on white paper, and when I lifted them up there was black paint strokes on it and I decided to use it.  This shows that you're never done with art and new ideas can show up unexpectedly.  This was not my favorite project, and next time I'd like to come up with some more expanded ideas.