Thursday, December 10, 2015

That's a Punny story...;)

This is a family friendly movie about a doe devoted to his basketball team and his family. But this is no ordinary doe...this is a WINDOE! Part doe, part window, Windoe strives to show the world his true colors by being himself and being the best he can be! Because he looked different than his friends, all of the other deer/does/fawn/elk (you name it!) made fun of him and never let him join in any doe games. Luckily for little Windoe, and kind farmer came along and asked him to join the town basketball team. After discovering his skills, passion, and love of the game, Windoe became the star player! Then everyone loved him and honored him with a movie based on his story. Bring your family, friends, and folks of all ages to see the transformation take place from outcast to extraordinary! A sure favorite, come see Windoe and his friends in theaters near you this summer!

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