Thursday, December 17, 2015

Teens Inspired

I created a piece that was inspired by a painting in the NC Museum of Art.  I took the element of silhouettes of people and altered it to the silhouette of a landscape.  My painting is based off of a picture I took at a youth retreat as the sun was setting.  No picture or painting could do justice to how beautiful the sky was, but I attempted.  I chose this long canvas to give it more of a panorama feel and to try out a different kind of layout.  It was hard to get the colors to look how I wanted them to and to make the orange water look natural because it was a reflection.

Merry Christmas to All!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

That's a Punny story...;)

This is a family friendly movie about a doe devoted to his basketball team and his family. But this is no ordinary doe...this is a WINDOE! Part doe, part window, Windoe strives to show the world his true colors by being himself and being the best he can be! Because he looked different than his friends, all of the other deer/does/fawn/elk (you name it!) made fun of him and never let him join in any doe games. Luckily for little Windoe, and kind farmer came along and asked him to join the town basketball team. After discovering his skills, passion, and love of the game, Windoe became the star player! Then everyone loved him and honored him with a movie based on his story. Bring your family, friends, and folks of all ages to see the transformation take place from outcast to extraordinary! A sure favorite, come see Windoe and his friends in theaters near you this summer!

See it in 3D

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fancy Snowflakes

For this project, we had to incorporate print making into communicating something we never said.  I decided to make a collection of prints using various snowflakes I made.  These weren't just plain old kindergarten snowflakes, but I put in a lot of effort trying to make them intricate and complex.  Also, out of the four I made, none of them are the same.  This is how it related to the prompt-- I never said I was the same as anyone else, trying to fit in and go with the crowd.  It's important to be yourself and be proud of that.  By combining the different types of snowflakes and the different methods of printing (normal, ghost prints, the print of a print of a print...), I made a piece that is very unique and is made of different individual aspects.  I even connected everything by putting the actual snowflakes on top to provide unity to the piece.  I enjoyed using the purple and blue because I think these colors kept it festive, made it so you could tell it was snowflakes, and they worked well together.


  • What tools do you use to create art?  How do these tools help you in creation of these pieces?
I computer art, I use the photoshop program a lot to morph and manipulate images.  This program has the tools to allow for changing the photographs to look the way you want.  I also use paint and nontraditional materials to create non-digital art.  Depending on what medium you choose, you can achieve different effects and outcomes.  I like using different tools to switch it up, keep it fresh, and add pizazz.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fleece Navidad

Adventures at the NC Art Museum

My favorite painting was The Cliff, Ętretat, Sunset by Monet. I really liked the cool colors and the brush strokes in the water. It was very calming and it made me want to row a boat in that water.

This Corn Harvest painting was one that I didn't like at first. The super dull colors just threw me off and the shape of the broccoli trees was just unsettling. After looking at if for a long time, I decided the river and horse were nice and I grew to like it.

Milton Avery's Blue Landscape was my least favorite. It looked like a fifth grader did it. I didn't like the swervy lines and rocks because they weren't very realistic.  I think the artist could've put more time and effort into his piece.