Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Exam Question

The relationship between process and product is related to the idea that how a product is made, the steps taken to construct it, will influence the look and the overall use of it. My understanding of this has changed over the semester because before this class, I would not have thought about how much time it takes to create something, especially using technology. The effort it takes to learn about a program or tool and then actually executing it in a useful way takes concentration and motivation. The process, how you create a project and how you learn as you go along, is just as important, or more so, than the final product. Obviously, I am not a master at, say, Photoshop. But over the course of this class, I have utilized tutorials and experimenting to learn more about it. To do so, I have created a lot of pieces that coordinate with themes. Some of the final products are rather simple, but that may be a result of trying to gain experience with a concept or tool and practicing with it. While I may have been quick to assume manipulation on the computer was pretty simple beforehand, I know now that a lot more goes into it than is expected. I also believe that the Computer Arts and Animation career would take a lot of patience and trial and error to really be able to master digital programs.

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