Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art III Final Blog

This semester of art has been very challenging and rewarding.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and used different materials for each project.  It was interesting to experiment with different mediums and different ways to brainstorm.  I did more thinking and planning out loud, so much so that I had few sketches because I knew exactly how I wanted a piece to turn out.  Also, using different ways to develop project ideas really stretched my creative thinking.  By starting with questions, words, or elements of art, it provided a way to think of topics that I would not have originally if I was told just to paint a picture of something.

For our unit on nontraditional materials, I created this piece.  It has a very similar look to Rachid Koraïch's piece, "Hadieh Shafie."  The repetition of circles and colors connect my rubber band duck to his woven cloth banner.  I grew as an artist because I learned how to use elements from someone's work to enhance my own piece and create a motif.

Another project I made, my "giraffiti," was inspired by modern day graffiti artists.  These days, graffiti is becoming more prevalent and is being considered more so as actual art.  Depending on the location and the image, these creations can be regarded highly.  My hybrid text art giraffe shows my growth as an artist because I worked more with values and practiced the graffiti style of font.

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